News Segment Featuring Maryland Packaging / Fortified Bio Labs Creating and Donating 1,000 Meals for Those Who Need Them

What’s in This Video:

  • Maryland Packaging / Fortified Bio Labs is creating thousands of meals to give away to school, food banks, hospitals, and more.
  • CEO Marwan Moheyeldien talks about the project and giving back to the community.
  • Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, Boyd Rutherford was among those who volunteered and speaks about the program here in this video.

Interview With Our CEO About What Goes Into Our Products, Why, and More

What’s in This Video:

  • The origins of Fortified Bio Labs.
  • How we formulated a hand sanitizer that is accepted by the FDA and CDC.
  • Demonstration of our hand sanitizer products.
  • How our sachets are better for the environment than the alternatives.
  • A little bit about the COVID-19 virus and what makes it different from some other diseases we’ve seen before.
  • What a virus is on the cellular level.
  • How expertise in food safety has helped us prepare for COVID-19.
  • How to effectively use hand sanitizers to best protect yourself.
  • Up-to-date CDC requirements for hand sanitizers and how we’re meeting those demands.
  • Insight into the ingredients used in our products and why we chose those ingredients.
  • How our hand sanitizers keep your hands protected for hours after application.
  • What might be on the horizon for mask sanitization in the near future.

Demonstration of Germ-Killing Ability of BZK Hand Sanitizer

What’s in This Video:

  • Demonstration of our hand sanitizer product with our chief scientist.
  • We contaminate Ali’s hands with lab-certified pathogens. Product: Glo Germ Gel.
  • After using our hand sanitizer, Ali’s hands have been cleansed of germs and contaminants.

Filling Isopropyl 75% Hand Sanitizer Jugs

What’s in This Video:

  • Isopropyl hand sanitizer jugs being filled.
  • Bottles going through cooling tunnel.

BZK Hand Sanitizer Foams, Creating Rich Lather and Extending Number of Uses

What’s in This Video:

  • Demonstration of foaming ability in our benzalkonium chloride (BZK) hand sanitizers.
  • Our hand sanitizers get up to double the foaming as competitor hand sanitizers.
  • Can be used as a foam or as a liquid.

Packaging of 2 Oz Sachets of Single-Use Hand Sanitizer

Producing Half Gallon Jugs of BZK Hand Sanitizer

Note: We’re aware that the worker in the video is not wearing gloves. We are a no-glove facility – we are a handwashing facility with employees strictly washing hands every 30 minutes. Inspected, certified, and audited. This keeps our products safer as gloves will accumulate germs and other debris as they are used throughout the day.